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Cortez Roofings has been operating in Thodupuzha for eight years. We have 4 shops.TAPCO Super Shopee is situated at Edakkat Kayattam ,Thodupuzha.The shop at Madakkathanam sells non branded items.Branded and non-branded roofing tiles are available at the shop in Kothamangalam Kuthukuzhi.Also, Cortez Roofings has been established in Perumbavoor Pulluvazhi with different types of roofing products like roofing tiles, shingles and jaalies.
Aquaizol shingles, Shielder and Jaalies are available in our shops. The most important quality of roof tiles is it provides protection from heat and add beauty to the house.
Choose branded roofing tiles to add beauty.
Tapco is our premium brand . Tapco premium roof tiles are manufactured from natural white clay. The products are imported from Vietnam and the range consists of high quality roofing, flooring the outdoor paving tile which has got a diversified usage options. Being a well-established and experienced business group in the field of tile manufacturing and marketing, we are committed to give world class products to our customers at an affordable price range. it is extra strong, light weight, anti fungal properties, high thermal insulation capacity, extra durability. Our other brand is Shielder. The shielder is 90 percent white clay and 10 percent ceramic. They are natural clay roof tiles which are 100% natural and made with world class technologies. They are designed and manufactured perfectly for getting that perfect look for your roof. The Tapco roofings are the only dealer of Aquaizol roofing materials in India.

They are good quality roofing shingles and come after checked under different quality control systems. Since years, the Aquaizol had proved its material quality in various climatic conditions and also under different loads
Jaalies are used to beautify and partition the interior of the house.Terracotta jaalis for houses have become a favorite option for houses. Jaalis are well known from the ancient times itself. They were used in different constructions to create a more stunning look. Different monuments in the ancient period show that, jaalis were prominently used for such constructions in the ancient times. They play a major role in making the buildings to look beautiful. Tapco is the manufacturer and dealer of premium quality terracotta jaalis in Kerala.
Also all kinds of non branded roof tiles are available in our non branded showroom.

Our Branches

Cortez Roofings (HO)
8/201 A, Kadavil Bldgs, Edakattukayattam, Muvattupuzha Road, Thodupuzha

Ph: 04862202020 , 6238500020, 6238500030, 8589900391


Non Branded Showroom

Madakkathanam, Muvattupuzha Road, Thodupuzha

Ph: 04862202020 , 6238500020, 6238500030, 8589900391

14/261-C1, Kuthukuzhy (P.O), Kothamangalam

Ph: 6238500020, 6238500030, 8589000392

The Complete Roofing Solution, Pulluvazhy (P.O), Perumbavoor

Ph: 6238500020, 6238500030, 8589000393

The Complete Roofing Solution

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